The Child's Understanding of Number
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The Child's Understanding of Number 作 者:Charles R. Gallistel
出 版:Harvard University Press
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www.0711zp.com玩转心理学网The authors report the results of some half dozen years of research into when and how children acquire numerical skills. They provide a new set of answers to these questions, and overturn much of the traditional wisdom on the subject.


The publication of this book may mark a sea change in the way that we think about cognitive development. For the past two decades, the emphasis has been on young children's limitations... Now a new trend is emerging: to challenge the original assumption of young children's cognitive incapacity. The Child's Understanding of Number represents the most original and provocative manifestation to date of this new trend. Contemporary Psychology Here at last is the book we have been waiting for, or at any rate known we needed, on the young child and number. The authors are at once sophisticated in their own understanding of number and rich in psychological intuition. They present a wealth of good experiments to support and guide their intuitions. And all is told in so simple and unalarming a manner that even the most pusillanimous will be able to read with enjoyment. Canadian Journal of Psychology


1. Focus on the Preschooler 

2. Training Studies Reconsidered 

3. More Capacity Than Meets the Eye: Direct Evidence 

4. Number Concepts in the Preschooler? 

5. What Numerosities Can the Young Child Represent? 

6. How Do Young Children Obtain Their Representations of Numerosity? 

7. The Counting Model 

8. The Development of the How-To-Count Principles 

9. The Abstraction and Order-Irrelevance Counting Principles 

10. Reasoning about Number 

11. Formal Arithmetic and the Young Child's Understanding of Number 

12. What Develops and How Conclusions References Index

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